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PhenoTips 1.2 (stable) released

Nov 04 2015

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.2 release. The highlights of the release, since 1.1, are:

  • Added a REST-ful API for accessing patient data
  • PhenoTips now requires logging in by default
  • An optional "Consent" dialog is available, although not enabled by default, which controls which fields are displayed in the patient record
  • Added "Other" as an option for the patient's sex
  • Multiple global mode of inheritance values can be selected instead of just one
  • Support for recording allergies
  • Support for recording medication data (optional extension)
  • Improvements to the Prenatal and perinatal section, including
    • support for recording mother's obstetric history,
    • more assisted reproduction options,
    • maternal and paternal age at birth, multiple gestation,
    • additional prenatal, neonatal and perinatal phenotypes
  • Measurements improvements:
    • Update the measurements data with the new WHO data set
    • Added growth charts for BMI and Head Circumference for children older than 3 years
    • Growth charts now mention their source
  • Ability to see more suggested phenotypes or diagnoses in a browsable list of pages
  • The phenotype categories are collapsed by default, making it a bit more obvious that not all the checkboxes must be selected
  • Improved phenotype search suggestions
  • Performance and search results improvements for the gene name service
  • Updated the OMIM index with the latest version
    • This also fixes a regression, the local patient record specificity score works again
    • Now the official name is recorded separately from the other synonyms
  • Diagnosis suggestions were broken by non-standard (free text) phenotypes
  • Users can comment on patient records
  • Allow "locking" a record to prevent any further editing, until it is "unlocked" (optional extension)
  • The last modification date is now shown by default in the All data table
  • The "All data" table sometimes didn't show all the records
  • Pedigree improvements:
    • A new Print feature which allows printing the pedigree on multiple pages
    • A new plain black and white color scheme for pedigrees,
    • Better synchronization with the information entered in the patient record
    • Cross-browser compatibility for the pedigree has been improved
    • Added edit pedigree button to the view patient page
    • Included pregnancy as an option for the new child menu
    • Added the ability to record and display notes on diagnosed cancers
    • The "Comments" box appears in all tabs of a node's menu, not just the clinical tab
    • Improved icons for the new child menu
  • A simpler user profile, without some of the unused features such as sending messages, recent activity, watchlists and user networks
  • Many smaller improvements and bugfixes throughout the application
  • The license has changed: PhenoTips is now available under the AGPL 3.0 license
  • Upgraded XWiki to 7.1.2, which requires an application container that supports the Servlet v3.0 specification
  • The DMG package is now signed
The license of PhenoTips changed from LGPL 2.1 to AGPL 3.0.
This version of PhenoTips now requires an application container that supports the Servlet v3.0 specification. In particular, this means that Tomcat 6, the version available in RHEL/CentOS 6.x, is no longer supported, and Tomcat 7 is required. In RHEL/CentOS 6.x, this can be installed from the EPEL repository.