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PhenoTips 1.2.5 (stable) Released

Jun 21 2016

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.2.5 release. This is a bugfix release, with minor changes in functionality. The following fixes are in this release:

  • PT-2639 - Add support for importing pedigree into 1.2.x from JSON data created by a 1.3.x instance
  • PT-2633 - Safari global tools label displayed on two lines, almost invisible
  • PT-2632 - After Save some Prenatal development subcategories are moved to other categories
  • PT-2631 - Selecting NO for "Abnormal delivery" in the "Prenatal and perinatal history" section fails
  • PT-2622 - New patient creation prompts for use of deleted Studies
  • PT-2607 - After a twin is added some functionality is broken in pedigree editor
  • PT-2606 - Some unicode characters are not displayed properly within the Pedigree ethnicity suggestions
  • PT-2605 - When pushing individual records to a 1.3 server some PII fields get pushed as well
  • PT-2600 - PR seem to be granted to every user
  • PT-2599 - Exceptions logged when sending emails
  • PT-2598 - If the patient template doesn't have a VisibilityClass object, changing the default visibility doesn't work
  • PT-2593 - Long foot, long palm and large hands are not matched under the musculoskeletal section in the selection summary
  • PT-2586 - Patient data with "open" visibility does not appear in the data table on a study's homepage
  • PT-2584 - PhenoTips doesn't start on older Mac OS X systems without JDK 1.7+ installed
  • PT-2543 - Two extra lines are displayed in the More Actions menu when no push targets are defined
  • PT-2532 - Patient data with "open" visibility does not appear in the data table on a workgroup's homepage
  • PT-2530 - Free-text phenotype categories are not saved/created
  • PT-2519 - Saving a pedigree from some versions of Safari browser generates an invalid SVG image
  • PT-2516 - Pedigree zoom is too sensitive for trackpad use
  • PT-2458 - Contents of text areas are not properly escaped
  • PT-2373 - Date picker month and year are cut off in the XWiki date picker
  • PT-2362 - Returned access level for other users is wrong when logged in as an administrator
  • PT-2245 - Entering a text ending in ) in the "Indication for referral" field will show the last ) in a weird place
  • PT-924 - "Right/left hand length" displays an invalid value for measurements performed before the age of 2 years