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PhenoTips 1.3 Milestone 5 Released

Jan 16 2017

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.3 Milestone 5 release. The highlights of the release are:

Patient record form

  • When navigating away from a record, a warning is shown if there are unsaved changes
  • Added "Life status" field in the patient form to allow more logical workflow when entering patient data.
  • OMIM diagnosis suggestions are now shown in view mode too.
  • PhenoTips is now storing genes by using Ensembl IDs internally, instead of using gene symbols. 
  • Special wiki markup in several fields used to be interpreted; this has been disabled

Family charts

  • Newly added menu option in the Pedigree Editor allows physicians to quickly mark pedigree node as "Alive & Well" or "Deceased".

Rest api

Bug fixes

  • Cannot specify variant coordinates for variants entered prior to version 1.3M4
  • The Families REST API endpoint does not check permissions properly
  • Global mode of inheritance and Global age of onset cannot be pushed or imported
  • "Chromosome: NA" displayed in the variant summary in edit mode
  • Broken images displayed on the dashboard for groups without a specific image attached to them
  • 'New patient' button often adds multiple patients from one click
  • Legend is broken in pedigree editor
  • An empty family with no pedigree has rights that are too permissive
  • Users shouldn't be allowed to add comments on code pages

See the full list of changes on Jira.