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PhenoTips 1.4 Release Candidate 1 Released

Jul 12 2018

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The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.4 RC1 release.
In this is release, the following items have been done:

New Feature

PT-3711 - Administrators can browse and filter audited events


PT-3709 - Update add-to-family API to also modify pedigree JSON
PT-3723 - Move the xdocuments related to consents into the consents module
PT-3498 - Modify "Update consents" button label to read "Update"
PT-3581 - Prevent opening same patient/family in multiple tabs from pedigree editor and patient form
PT-3671 - User and group search rest service should be case insensitive
PT-3672 - Users and groups suggest service should return results where the input matches the human readable names
PT-3683 - Modify colour of "Affected" status to a darker shade
PT-3717 - Show internal/external family ID under Family history according to configuration for ID in the Admin module
PT-3724 - Remove two extra spaces in front of form title
PT-3728 - Pedigree editor should "show external ID instead of internal" as per setting in the Admin module
PT-3741 - Display group title in the suggest group element
PT-3742 - Add uniqueness ID check configuration to Administration
PT-3753 - Display family members by default on Patient and Family forms
PT-3754 - Display Suggested Genes section by default

Bug fixes

PT-2091 - Admin module: User profile's setting label and icon are overlapped
PT-2134 - When creating a new patient within pedigree editor, the system does not ask if the patient is a part of a study
PT-2850 - In pedigree, unlinked patients may lose data entered in cancers tab
PT-3041 - Out of number of records is misplaced past first page
PT-3523 - Difficult to click on patient link in Pedigree Editor in some cases
PT-3530 - "Delete all" button deletes only one of the abnormalities in pedigree editor
PT-3600 - Autocomplete/suggest inputs in the pedigree node popover retain input between different nodes
PT-3674 - When removing genes from a person in pedigree editor, all associated gene variants need to be removed too
PT-3680 - Patient info lost after pedigree JSON import
PT-3700 - Broken homepage displayed after upgrading from older versions
PT-3701 - Clicking on the creation date from records on the homepage leads to a Not Found page
PT-3703 - The "required" flag is ignored when a patient record is populated from the pedigree
PT-3704 - The id uniqueness is not checked when a patient record is populated from the pedigree editor
PT-3705 - On "quit-and-save" pedigree complains that a family has no members if all members are unlinked
PT-3706 - Measurements don't work for non-admin users
PT-3707 - In pedigree n-person symbols should not be highlighted as a valid drag target for linking patient records
PT-3708 - Automatic layout may leave pedigree in an un-saveable and un-exportable state
PT-3710 - Pedigree import should not import patient records which are not already in the family, but keep those who are
PT-3716 - Import/export functionality in pedigree does not handle group of people
PT-3718 - Pedigree editor should warn user about unsaved changes before closing
PT-3726 - Eliminate possibility of unintended patient record link clicks in pedigree editor
PT-3727 - Undo/redo functionality in pedigree editor may misbehave when un-linked patients are involved
PT-3729 - Unable to remove pedigree node linked to the current patient in pedigree editor
PT-3731 - Non-admin users see uninterpreted code instead of the default workgroup image
PT-3736 - "Create new patient" button doesn't work after being prompted to save changes
PT-3738 - $services.groups.getGroupsForUser returns just a few of the user's workgroups
PT-3743 - If Date Of Birth is marked as required, only year of birth will be enforced
PT-3746 - Passing a group to EntityAccessManager.isAdministrator triggers an XWiki permissions cache bug
PT-3748 - Unable to transfer ownership to another user or group in a certain situation
PT-3749 - Saving and loading pedigree may fail if current user has no view rights for some of the patients in the family
PT-3752 - Pedigree editor does not prompt for save if patient is added to an existing family and left unliked
PT-3761 - Unable to save pedigree nor export it into PhenoTips JSON format
PT-3762 - Patients added to a family with no pedigree outside of pedigree editor do not show up when pedigree is created

See the full list of changes in JIRA.