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Medication data

cogPhenoTips is a software tool providing an easy-to-use Web interface and standardized database back-end for collecting clinical symptoms and physical findings observed in patients with genetic disorders.
Developed byUnknown
LicenseAGPL 3.0
Installable with the Extension Manager

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Download v1.3.7


After installing this extension, a new subsection appears in the Medical history section, allowing to enter information about the medication taken by the patient:

  • Drug name
  • Generic name
  • Dose
  • Frequency
  • Duration (years and months)
  • Effect of treatment
  • Custom notes


Prerequisites & Installation Instructions

  • Log in the wiki with a user having Administration rights
  • Go to the Administration page and select the Extension Manager -> Add Extensions category
  • Search for the Medication data extension, click Install, then Continue