PhenoTips » FAQ » How do I install PhenoTips on a server without internet connection?

How do I install PhenoTips on a server without internet connection?

The PhenoTips application comes in two parts, the Java code, and the UI, which happens to be found in the database.
The standalone distribution comes with a pre-packaged database, but if you install PhenoTips on your own database, then the UI needs to be fetched from a repository and imported into the database. Normally, the repository is the official one at If the server is not totally blocked from the internet, add a firewall exception to let it connect to ( repository. 

To make it work with a local repository, which must be prepared, the following needs to be done:

  1. on a computer with access to the internet (could be your own desktop), download the sources for the targeted release from
  2. unzip the sources
  3. if not already installed, install the JDK and apache-maven; please note that the JDK is needed, not just the Java Runtime
  4. build the sources by running "mvn install"; this will take a long time the first time you run it
  5. you will get a .m2/repository/ directory with everything that the distribution needs somewhere in your home directory; it will be at at /.m2/repository/ on Linux and MacOS, while on Windows probably in C:\Documents and Settings\{your-username}\.m2
  6. zip this directory and transfer it to the server, unzip it there
  7. on the server, edit /var/lib/phenotips/webapp/WEB-INF/ (or the location where you installed it), and add this at the end:

Restart tomcat.