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PhenoTips is available under two licenses:

  1. The Community Edition (CE) is distributed under the GNU Affero General Public License version 3.0 (AGPL), a well known free software/open source license recognized by the Free Software Foundation and the Open Source Initiative. You can read the full text at:
  2. The Enterprise version is distributed under a closed-source commercial license from Gene42 Inc.

Community Edition (CE)

The AGPL is a strong copyleft license, which ensures that PhenoTips CE and software built on top of it remain open-source and available to the public. By making PhenoTips CE available under the AGPL:

  • You are free to download, use, modify, and distribute PhenoTips CE according to the terms of the AGPL
  • If you modify PhenoTips CE, you must state your changes and disclose the updated source under the AGPL
  • If you create a derivative or combined work by integrating PhenoTips CE with other applications, that derivative or combined work must also be made available under the AGPL
    • This applies whether PhenoTips CE is modified or not
    • This applies even if the integration only uses the APIs

For example, the following integrations are considered to form a combined work:

  • Integrating with an electronic medical/health record system or patient management system (including API integration or UI embedding)
  • Integrating with a laboratory information management system (LIMS)
  • Integrating with a laboratory test ordering system
  • Integrating with a variant/genome analysis platform

For example, the following integrations are not considered to form a combined work:

  • Configuring PhenoTips to authenticate through another system, such as LDAP or SSO
  • Configuring PhenoTips to use an SMTP server for email delivery
  • Configuring and using PhenoTips CE’s “push” functionality to manually push patient records to or from another PhenoTips, PhenomeCentral, or PatientArchive system

Enterprise/commercial licensing

If you are interested in integrating PhenoTips with closed-source software, such as electronic medical record systems, you can obtain a license from Gene42 Inc. Gene42 also provides integration and deployment assistance, help-desk support, and custom development services.

If you have any questions about licensing PhenoTips, please contact