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Homepage customization

Homepage customization

Homepage structure

The PhenoTips homepage provides quick access to all information of interest for using the system:


Left column: general information

  • The About box gives a quick description and/or welcome message.
  • The Groups lists the most active major groups and provides a link to more information about each of them, including their public contributions.

Right column: user data

  • The My data box lists the cases owned by the current user.
  • The Data shared with me box lists the cases for which the current user is a collaborator either because he or she is part of the group which owns the case, or because the owner explicitly listed them as a collaborator on that case.

What can be customized

The homepage title, welcome box caption and welcome box content can be customized form Welcome message section in the PhenoTips administration screen, which is accessible to any user administrative (such as the default Admin user account) via the Administration entry on the left of the topmost menu:




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