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User Administration

User Administration

Default user account on a fresh installation

Any new installation of PhenoTips comes with one user account having the user name Admin and password admin (both are case sensitive).

Always change the Admin password immediately after installing an instance of PhenoTips.

To change this password, log in with the Admin account, then navigate to the Admin's profile using the link that is displayes in the topmost menu on ne right and go to the Preferences section in the left side menu of the Admin's profile page. A Change password button will be displayed, leading to a form that allows you to enter your new, safe password.



With any user account with administrative rights on your PhenoTips installation (such as the Admin user account) you will have access to various administration options from any page via the Administration entry on the left of the topmost menu:


Registering new users

In the Users section of the Administration screen, current users are listed and new users can be added:



Make sure the user's email address is valid, as it will be used for resetting their password.

After creating the user account, you can either communicate the password to them (not recommended) or guide them to set their own password and activate their account via the Password Reset Form which is accessible on the Login page:


Instructions about setting the password will be sent to the user by email. 

Granting a user administration rights

The same global administration section screen permits adding users to basic administrative groups. A user gains administrative rights when he or she becomes part of XWikiAdminGroup:



Work groups

Some user groups have a special status in PhenoTips, as they are associated with a study for which patient data is being recorded. All these groups are listed in the Groups administration section, and they can typically be distinguished from basic groups by the fact that they will not have the XWiki prefix, which is a convention making the groups available by default in the platform.

Creating a work group

We currently have a special interface for creating work groups, which is accessible in the Administration in the PhenoTips category under the Work groups section. A New group form is displayed at the top of the list of existing groups. Simply enter the group's name, submit, and you will be directed to the group's new presentation page where you can enter a description, upload a logo, configure who can see the group's data and manage group members.


Assigning a user to a work group

As an administrator, you should always have access to the group management tool which is displayed on the right side of the group presentation page. At the bottom of the group management interface, you will find the list of users currently in that group, and will be able to search for and add new users:




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