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PhenoTips 1.3 Milestone 2 released

Aug 29 2016

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.3 Milestone 2 release. The highlights of the release are:

  • Patient record form
    • User interface improvements
    • Administrators can now disable visibility options globally, for example to remove support for open and hidden records
    • Global mode of inheritance and global age of onset are taken into account when determining suggestions for Diagnosis and "other phenotypes"
  • All Patient Records page
    • Added ability to filter by candidate gene
    • The author and creator columns now link to the actual user pages
  • Pedigree editor improvements
    • Added ability to select confirmed causal genes and to display rejected genes
    • Add ability to enter only year in pedigree date fields
    • Improved pedigree JSON export and import
    • A new RESTful API for accessing/managing patient record permissions, enabling users to access/manage patient record permissions: the owner, visibility, and collaborators
    • The XML output has been removed, only JSON is now returned by the REST services
    • Related resources are now more consistently linked, to support better discoverability
    • Allowed methods (GET, POST, PUT, DELETE...) are now listed for all resource links, reflecting both the methods supported by each resource, as well as the rights of the authenticated user
  • Push functionality improvements:
    • More user friendly interface
    • Most of patient data can be pushed except Date of death unknown, Pedigree, Medical reports, Obstetric history, Copy number variants and Additional files
    • Previously entered data can be cleared when pushing again after deleting it
  • Packaging
    • The Mac OS X .dmg package should now start when only the JRE is installed (previously it sometimes failed when JDK 1.6 was installed, but only the JRE for 1.7 or 1.8)
    • When installed on Windows, PhenoTips data is now stored under the current user's home directory by default, allowing installation under Program Files
    • User self-registration is disabled by default, an administrator must either re-enable self-registration or create user accounts
    • The PhenoTips interface is now translated in Spanish (support for the Spanish translation of HPO is on the way). Want to see PhenoTips translated in another language? Please contribute!

See the full list of changes on Jira.