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PhenoTips 1.3 Release Candidate 3 Released

Mar 22 2017

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.3 Release Candidate 3. The following fixes and  improvements are in this release:


PT-1688 - Check box and delete icon are both visible in OMIM diagnosis field.
PT-3151 - Upgrading the RPM installation does not add the ORPHANET index
PT-3154 - Incorrect text in OMIM disorder field description - "i" button
PT-3158 - "phenotips.IndexOntology.version" displayed in place of the actual version in vocabulary term descriptions


PT-3152 - Add "Clinical Diagnosis (ORDO)" and "Molecular Diagnosis (OMIM)" label to clinical diagnosis and molecular diagnosis sections
PT-3153 - Change "Orphanet" and "ORPHA" to "ORDO"
PT-3155 - Add field description for Clinical Diagnosis - "i" button


PhenoTips® is freely available under the terms of the the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0.

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