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PhenoTips 1.4 Milestone 3 Released

Feb 26 2018

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.4 Milestone 3 release. The highlights of the release are:

New Features and Improvements

Patient data

  • Support for Multiple external IDs per patient
  • Added option to list family members on the Patient record form
  • The "Perinatal complications" subsection (under the "Prenatal and perinatal history" section) is now shown on the patient form
  • Added functionality for displaying additional tabs
  • Added ability to enter groups in the owner and collaborator fields of the filtering panel, push and permission dialogs
  • Decreased the frequency of auto save from 10 seconds to 1 minute

Families and pedigrees

  • New option to remove the corresponding patient record when deleting an individual from the pedigree
  • Added Export PDF option to the More Action menu of the Family Page
  • Uniqueness check for family external ID

Navigation pages

  • Now displaying homepage gadget extra actions as icons only instead of text
  • Active Groups gadget is replaced with new My Groups gadget on homepage
  • Added link to browse all owned patient records on the My patients gadget
  • Added owner column to browse all families page


  • Added support for French, German and Russian HPO translations


  • Disallow setting mandatory consent as required
  • Push dialog now displays consented fields only

Text mining

  • Text mining now runs only when "Indication for referral" or "Medical history" fields are edited
  • Text mining is temporarily disabled by default


  • Auditability of permissions and data sharing
  • Implemented indexing of OncoTree
  • Group administrators are now called Group managers


PT-2175 - Extended negative prenatal phenotypes never stored
PT-2238 - Some occasional failures to save records have been averted
PT-2391 - Clicking N/A on a dropdown prenatal phenotype doesn't do the same on the duplicate
PT-3082 - Excel export list EnsembleIDs in "Gene name" and "Gene symbol" columns
PT-3104 - Different/inconsistent behavior when filtering in Advanced data filtering and Export
PT-3335 - Obstetric History doesn't appear as an exportable/pushable information in the export preferences dialogs
PT-3347 - Parental age at EDD doesn't appear to be exportable in the excel format
PT-3442 - Users can remove from a family patients that they can't normally access
PT-3450 - Filtering by member in the phenotips-groups macro ignores the Administrators subgroup
PT-3455 - The consanguinity status of a patient isn't set when identifiable from the pedigree
PT-3460 - Non-categorized custom phenotypes disappear from saved patient record
PT-3473 - Filtering by gene doesn't work as expected in advanced filters, push and export
PT-3479 - Guest users cannot access the families that they create
PT-3481 - Unable to import pedigree using BOADICEA format
PT-3486 - Family permission dialog cannot be moved around
PT-3488 - Pedigree action buttons not looking good when scaling down below 90%
PT-3493 - When using the PT embeddable skin, the "New Patient" button on the homepage doesn't work
PT-3503 - Labels not shown on family form
PT-3505 - Delete pedigree button label is white in some cases
PT-3524 - 0 values for the Obstetric History fields are lost in the JSON export
PT-3533 - OMIM is no longer reindexable
PT-3534 - After reindexing vocabularies, spellchecked suggestions no longer work
PT-3536 - Patient/Family search widget does not work for guest users
PT-3542 - Records created by guest users should be accessible to everyone
PT-3543 - The SVG rasterizer service caches the first requested size of the generated image
PT-3565 - Variants cannot be deleted via the REST patient API

See the full list of changes in JIRA.


PhenoTips® is freely available under the terms of the the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0.

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