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PhenoTips 1.4.3 (stable) Released

Dec 25 2018

The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.4.3 release. In this is release, the following issues have been addressed:

  • PT-3853 - Obfuscate pedigree tumbnail if “Warn about sensitive information when opening this family’s pedigree” is checked
  • PT-3919 - The obfuscation of pedigrees leaves most of the data visible inside pedigree editor
  • PT-3908 - Permissions dialog does not clean up cached data on dialog Cancel button clicked
  • PT-3912 - HPO translations aren't available by default
  • PT-3913 - When re-indexing a vocabulary, all available translations should be included regardless of the localization settings
  • PT-3914 - Inconsistency between the list of cases shown on a group page and list displayed when filtering by that group as owner
  • PT-3907 - Empty collaborator name displayed for XWikiGroups collaborators
  • PT-3921 - PhenoTips doesn't work with Java 11
  • PT-3923 - Cannot import patients from JSON on the All Patients page when PhenoTips is not deployed as the root webapp

See the full list of changes in JIRA