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Phenotips 1.3 Release Candidate 4 Released

Mar 30 2017

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The PhenoTips development team is happy to announce the availability of the PhenoTips 1.3 Release Candidate 4. The following improvements and fixes are in this release:


PT-3083 - Add link to request PC account on push to PC screen (if user has no PC account)
PT-3172 - Add an optional "registration_url" field to PhenoTips.PushPatientServer
PT-3173 - Expose the registration url in
PT-3174 - If a "registration url" is available for a push target, add the UI to inform the user where they can create an account in the push dialog
PT-3175 - Set "" as the registration_url for the PC push configuration
PT-3183 - Improve Old Family Studies Migrator
PT-3185 - Consolidate family studies translations files
PT-3179 - Sending a JSON to a non-existing patient using the /patients/eid/ REST endpoint should result with creation of a new patient record with specified identifier

Bug fixes

PT-2934 - Hitting enter on a couple's heredity options attempts to close the pedigree
PT-3160 - Administration/Vocabularies: ORPHANET website is listed twice in its info box
PT-3162 - Empty remote server entries should be ignored in the "Push to" menu
PT-3164 - Gene panels don't work when PhenoTips is not deployed as the ROOT webapp
PT-3166 - HPO Ids should not be visible in phenotype suggestions
PT-3167 - Correct unhelpful update failure message and fix punctuation
PT-3168 - Remote server name missing in error message
PT-3170 - Last modified resets to date reported for the owner of the record
PT-3176 - When the Family link is not enabled in the patient form, attempting to edit the pedigree always displays the family selector dialog
PT-3178 - Consents don't work if PhenoTips is not deployed as the ROOT webapp
PT-3181 - Unlinking patient from a pedigree node does not remove genotype information from node
PT-3192 - In the phenotype configuration, if the category for a section is NOT an HPO term, all phenotypes fail to display for any patient with a non-standard phenotype in that category
PT-3193 - MATCHING DISORDERS IN OMIM are not always displayed
PT-3197 - VocabularyManager's resolveTerm does not work as expected with GeneNomenclature terms