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Mailing Lists

The mailing lists are the main communication channels for the PhenoTips community. There are 3 of them that you can post to (click on the links to subscribe and manage your account), and 2 that you can subscribe to in order to receive notifications:

Before posting on the lists, please make sure to follow these posting tips.

Before sending mails to the devs or users lists, you'll need to be subscribed to that list. Be very careful to send the mail with the email address you've used to subscribe or your mail won't make it to the list and will be rejected. You can register by clicking on the links above (you can also use these links for unsubscribing).
The support list is private and only the active developers are subscribed to it. If you need to send any kind of somewhat sensitive information, please use that list.


The mailing lists are publicly archived.