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Developer Guide

PhenoTips is built on top of XWiki, a professional java-based with enterprise features such as strong rights management, LDAP authentication, PDF export, full skinning, advanced Form and scripting engine. For information about XWiki development, please consult the XWiki Developer Documentation.

Developer resources

  Source Repository
Find information on how to get the PhenoTips sources.
  Building from sources
Learn how to build PhenoTips directly from the sources.
  Continuous build
Information about our continuous build.
Find out all the different manners in which you can contribute to the project.
  Mailing Lists & Forums
Discuss with other users or developers.
Talk with other users or developers in real time.
  Best practices
Development best practices.

Developing on top of PhenoTips

  General architecture
Learn how PhenoTips is organized.
  Accessing the data
Learn how to access patient data, ontology data, etc from your own code.
  Custom user interface components
Add your own widgets in the PhenoTips UI.
  API Reference
API Reference for the latest stable release.
  Patient JSON format
Patient JSON format.
  Pedigree editor JSON Import/Export
Documentation of the Pedigree Editors JSON format.


PhenoTips® is freely available under the terms of the the GNU Affero General Public License, version 3.0.

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 Play with our demo
 Get the source code


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