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Release Plan Documentation

Contains instructions to perform various release steps in the Release Plans.

Set up your identity

  • Make sure your git configuration has a proper username and email address: git config --global; git config --global
  • Create a GPG key if you don't already have one: gpg --gen-key
  • If git fails to find your secret key for signing the tag during the release process you can use git config user.signingkey xxx to specify the secret key to be used
  • Make sure gpg-agent is running, or you'll have to manually enter your GPG key passphrase literally hundreds of times during the push to Nexus phase below
    • If releasing from a remote machine over SSH, run export GPG_TTY=`tty` to make GPG use the right pin entry application, since by default it uses a GUI that won't work over SSH
  • Make sure you have an account on Nexus; ask Sergiu for one if you don't
  • Make sure you have an account on; make sure your account is in the "advanced" mode
  • Make sure you have your Nexus account configured in ~/.m2/settings.xml (put your own username and password in the file):

Build the release

(The build process creates an .rpm distribution among other things, so make sure the build machine has an `rpmbuild` utility installed)

# Define a variable for the release project
export PROJECT=phenotips
# Define a variable for the release version
export VERSION=1.0-milestone-1
# Define a variable for the snapshot version
# Make sure you are up to date
git checkout master
git pull
git status
# There shouldn't be any commits ahead of origin/master
# Clean any uncommitted files
# WARNING: this will remove all untracked files! Make sure there isn't any important code left uncommitted!
# If you have such files and would like to keep it, create a new git clone instead
git clean -dxf
# Go to a release branch
git checkout -b release-${VERSION}
# Modify the <phenotips.version> property in the root pom. Don't modify <version>, that's done by maven
sed -i 's;<phenotips.version>.*</phenotips.version>;<phenotips.version>'"${VERSION}"'</phenotips.version>;' pom.xml
# Commit it
git commit -am "[release] Set the phenotips.version to the right value"
# Prepare the release:
mvn release:prepare -DreleaseVersion=${VERSION} -DdevelopmentVersion=${SNAPSHOT_VERSION} -Dtag=${PROJECT}-${VERSION} -Pfunctional-tests
# --------------------------
# Now would be a good time to smoke-test the built zip file
# --------------------------
# Sign the tag
git checkout ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}
git tag -d ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}
git tag -s -m "Tagging ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}" ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}
# Verify the signature used
git cat-file -p ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}
# Push the tag
git push origin ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}
# Push the release artifacts to Nexus
mvn release:perform -Pfunctional-tests
# Cleanup
git checkout master
git branch -D release-${VERSION}

Restarting release build in case of a failure

In case mvn release:prepare ... fails it is best to execute mvn release:clean and git reset --hard origin/master after fixing the problem and before another build attempt.

Also if a failure occurs after the release has been tagged in git locally, make sure to remove the tag before building again: git tag -d ${PROJECT}-${VERSION}


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