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Family Records

Extensive improvements in the pedigree editor now enable physicians to follow, create and update multiple patients within one family in one place. All family members share a single pedigree, accessible either from the Patient record form or from the newly added Family record form.

Almost all of the patient data changes in the pedigree editor will now be reflected on the corresponding patient record and vice versa. An entire family can be constructed within the pedigree editor that enables:

  • use of predefined family templates
  • ability to import pedigrees from other systems
  • an easy way to add individuals, their relationship, parents, siblings and offspring
  • existing PhenoTips patient record can be linked to (and unlinked from) an individual in the pedigree
  • new corresponding patient record can be created for an individual in the pedigree
  • ability to update patient information without exiting pedigree editor 
  • ability to assign/reassign the proband

The existing access rights functionality enables different physicians to share access to their patients, so one family can contain a collection of patients that are cared for by different clinicians or scientists. The access level for each individual patient is defined in the patient record by their caring physician.

Family Directory

All families are listed in the directory. Similarly to the Patient directory, the user access rights are listed on the right side of the directory. 


Family Record form

Family page is divided into 4 simple sections:

About Contains family identifier field and sensitive information indicator along with a sensitivity type description
MembersDisplays links to the patient record of any family member whose patient info is recorded in PhenoTips
PedigreePedigree tumbnail shows a miniature replica of the family pedigree chart; Families marked as ones with sensitive will have a generic pedigree bitmap displayed; Pedigree editor can be open by either clicking on the tumbnail or on the edit icon on the right side of the bitmap; prior to opening pedigree editor of a family marked as one with sensitive info, a warning will be prompted displaying sensitivity type description (text entered in the Describe the sensitive information field in the About section)
Medical reportsIn this section any relevant medical report in the pdf format can be attached


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